App Development San Francisco

RDKmedia is an app development company based in San Francisco. The app development team specializes in mobile application development for small businesses all over the world. User experience is our number one priority at RDKmedia. We can develop an app that people will want to use and that represents your company and its values.

Advantages of having a mobile application developed

Checking a website is fine for gathering information about a service or a business. But if your business service or product demands that your users engage regularly with it, this requires a user experience that is available in one click, right on their phone. Having an app that is right where they place it and so easy to get to means that users are more likely to use it often.
• Your service or product can be reached in one click.
• Users will use your service or product more regularly because they will see it often.
• Apps are the best way to interact with a service on a mobile device.


Our designers know what people want, need, and expect from mobile applications and develop apps that exceed expectations.
• Our app developers create a fluid, easy to use design that is intuitive.
• Our app development process takes your vision for a product and creates a design that showcases its best features.
• Our app design anticipates the users’ wants, with options and features they didn’t even know they wanted.
• Our app development team designs mobile apps that communicate and guide the use through visual cues.


Great app design can only be brought to life with the right technology skills and experience to both develop the app and deploy it. App development requires mobile user interface design. Mobile technologies change often and app developers must consider screen size, hardware and software configurations, and the specifics of all mobile platforms.
• We design, test, and install the app from beginning to end.
• We ensure the app will work easily across platforms.
• We ensure application performance is high, leading to better user experience and more use.

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