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RDKmedia Digital Marketing Agency is an SEO Company based in San Francisco California that provides results-driven search engine optimization or SEO services in San Francisco California, Los Angeles, San Diego CA, Bay Area, Oakland, Melbourne Australia, and worldwide. RDKmedia as an seo agency has helped a number of businesses to increase visibility online, and obtain inquiries and sales.

SEO Agency San Francisco

As a local SEO Agency in San Francisco, we are very familiar and experienced with how to get a website rank in San Francisco, which we can also replicate worldwide.

How RDKmedia does SEO / Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO Company with years of experience in different industry and niche, we say there is no one approach in all websites as every website is unique. Thus, we start with a comprehensive SEO website audit to check how the site currently performs and how the target keywords currently rank in major search engines like Google.

We ask the client to give some keywords or search terms that their target audience are mostly likely to use to find or refer to their business. We then do a comprehensive keyword research around the main keywords to find good keyword variations that have high search volume and are very targeted to the products and services that they offer. We submit a list of keywords or search terms that we have obtained and ask client to choose those that are very relevant to their products and services.

From the chosen target keywords, we check and extract the current rankings based on their target location and come up with a plan on how to optimize the webpages to improve rankings. Depending on the results, we ask content from the client to help improve SEO.

If the website has a number of existing good and quality content that are relevant to the target keywords, we use them and optimize each page for the desired targeted keywords. However, if there is less and not so relevant content, we ask for content with specifications on how to make it SEO friendly.

SEO Services San Francisco: On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

Our SEO company provides both on-page SEO and off page SEO. On page are those that we do on your website to improve rankings, while off-page SEO are those we do outside or off the website like building links from good and authoritative sites to influence the rankings of the webpages.

In terms of on-page SEO, there are quite a number of items to check but the following are just some examples among the many:

  • Check if the website complies with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Examples below:
    • No hidden spam links or hack
    • No in-­‐links coming from spam websites that may hurt your site.
    • Not a duplicate of any website, or its content, etc…
    • No existing black hat SEO practices on the website. If there’s any, it should be fixed.
  • Website structure -­‐ If it’s SEO-friendly and if there is no issue that could hinder Google from indexing the website pages.
  • Evaluate Meta data – Page Titles, meta description, permalink structure or URLs, Check if there is no issue with keyword stuffing, which Google considers as a spam technique.
  • SEO tracking Tools – Google analytics, Google tags, Google Search Console, and more
  • Website status, authority and many more.

Local SEO San Francisco

We provide local SEO services in San Francisco and worldwide.

If the client’s business has a physical location, we create a Google local listing and optimize the page for local SEO. We also optimize the website for local SEO purposes so it can also rank in maps. That will help signal search engines, like Google, that it’s a real business with physical location in a specific city.

We make your webpages rank based on your target city. We also make your Google Local Listing rank on google maps based on the city where your business is located, so your business has higher chances of getting the inquiries and sales in your area.

SEO-Friendly Content

We suggest to add blog content regularly to provide quality and helpful content to readers and help improve SEO rankings.

We normally request our client to provide content as they are more familiar with their products and services. However, if they don’t have the luxury of time to write content, our SEO content writer can do it for you.

SEO Website Audit

Those are just some of the basic items. It’s best to start with SEO website audit so we can provide customized action plans for search engine optimization.

If you are looking for an expert SEO Company based in San Francisco, contact RDKmedia’s SEO Team now. We provide free website SEO audit.

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