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What is local SEO?

Briefly stated, local search engine optimization allows your business to come up in generated search results when the person searching is looking for a business in a specific area or in their current location at the time of the search.

When someone is looking for a service or product nearby, such as their current city, they are most likely to type in that city, or Google will help them out by generating results that are local. But to do this, your online presence must utilize local SEO.

Basically, local businesses will always show up first in search results if that business has a good local SEO.

Why does Local SEO matter for businesses?

Local SEO attracts new customers making it a great return on investment!

Local SEO is important so that your business shows up when someone is searching for your service or product. Without local SEO, your company may not be visible when a customer is searching for what they need. Unless the customer includes your business name in the search, the initial results generated will only be for companies that have utilized local SEO.

People search locally when they are in need. This is timely. When a customer needs you, they need to be able to find you.

Example of Local SEO in Action:

You are looking for a great events agency. This is obviously something you need locally. So you might type “events agency [your city]” and this will give you results of events agency in your city who have implemented a good local search engine optimization. And if you only type in “events agency” in Google, with the help of GPS, will still provide search results for local events agency who have implemented a good local SEO.

You don’t want to be the company who losses potential customers because of a lack of local SEO.

How we can help—Local SEO Services

Implementing local SEO takes a bit more than simply adding your address to your website.

There are steps to take to reach a good local SEO. For example, claiming your business profile on Google and keeping it up to date with the items that you have control over. It is also necessary to have your business, including its address and website, cited in various places online. Managing your reviews and ratings also creates a good local search engine optimization.

At RDKmedia, we promote your business by providing and ensuring your local SEO.

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